Aerial survey, shooting with the help of a drone.

   Aerial survey is an unique opportunity to shoot an unusual and very beautiful video from a bird's eye view. Aerial survey gives more scale, dynamics and adrenaline to the video of any direction: wedding videos, commercials, presentations, etc. With right planned work, this does not take a lot of time, but will help to take a higher level in the visual plan in uor video. Aerial syrvey`s cadres that sre present in a clips and films of any genre create the effect of presence for the viewer. 

   For high-quality video shooting with a quadrocopter, we are using the appropriate equipment, and the best videooperator is shooting. Aerial survey in order at our Sun Day Production studio gives you an opportunity for quickly and inexpensively get high-quality video from the air. 

   The video, taken from the quadrocopter, attracts attention and is able to enliven any video. Shooting from the bird's eye view is possible both outdoors and indoors (indoor institutions, churches, restaurants, etc.), both during the day and at night. You always have the opportunity to be a director and control in real time the result of aerial survey from a quadrocopter. You set a task for us - we solve it. The only thing that aerial survey is sensitive to is windy weather, precipitation and frost, but even this is not an obstacle, if we will use heavier drones for shooting from the sky, which are able to work qualitatively in difficult weather conditions.

   The shots which are made with the help of aerial survey are very emotional - we can see a lot of breathtaking views. Only imagine how such shots of aerial survey can decorate your wedding film, commercial or presentation!

   A few years ago, such video could be obtained only with shooting from a helicopter but today, the standard in Western video production is the using of quadrocopter. Capabilities, that you have because of aerial survey:

- attracting attention from the first cadres;

- an opportunity to emphasize the scale of an object or event;

- shooting from any angle.

​Aerial survey is a modern and best solution. Never before the opportunity to get exciting and bright shots was not so accessible!


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