Stylistics of Autumn Wedding

   Autumn wedding is like a fairytale - what magic background an autumn gives us for wedding, beautiful colors, bright wedding ceremonies, cozy wedding evenings – a dream! We really like filming weddings exactly in this period of year coz in autumn nature acquires the special charm, thereby giving more romance to your video! In our article you are waiting for some advice on preparing for the autumn wedding.

   Very interesting in preparing for an autumn wedding is the choice of style and theme of the wedding. You can choose a retro-wedding or vintage style, choose a charm and velvet classic or create an autumn fairy-tale trip. Manors in an old parks will be an excellent option for a classic autumn wedding. The interior in warm colors with bright accents, a canopy on the windows and velvet furniture will make an accent on a courtliness and sophistication. For a cozy and small wedding, you can choose the style of travel or hunting.

   Traditional autumn materials can inspire you on the theme of the autumn wedding: felt, yarn, wool. Checkered colors and cozy knitted cloths will be the hits of a wedding evening! A special charm in the fall is acquired by candles: you can made them like a key elements or the main theme of your special day. The standard colors of autumn are yellow, orange and red - they can be replaced by more subtle and refined their options: mustard, ocher, wine, burgundy, purple, emerald, chocolate. Add different colours: gray, pink, mint, blue. Do not be afraid to choose not the traditional wedding palette - it's not just a celebration, it's a reflection of the mood and character of your couple, so let it be on the top!

   Autumn decoration - it's simplicity, sophistication, complexity of colors and natural materials. Rural motives mean everything natural and naturally good. Thats why the fashionable become not only sackcloth, but also barrels, sheaves of hay, nuts, cones, moss - in general, everything that can be found in the village, in the field and in the forest.  Complementing them by beautiful fabrics, bright details, candles and sparkles, you will create your own unique wedding decor. As materials, you can use branches and leaves, moss, acorns and nuts, cones and needles, vegetables and fruits that are ripening in bright autumn months. The main thing at an autumn wedding is to create a good mood.

   The light and lighting will help you to convey a warm and sincere atmosphere - garlands, candlesticks and lanterns, candles - it is necessary for such warm and bright holiday and it all will compliment with an extraordinarily fairy-tale atmosphere your wedding video. The textures are playing a big role in the decoration of autumn weddings. In fabrics you can give preference to flax, brocade, vintage knitted lace and velvet.  A variety of wooden decor elements will help you to create a home atosphere.

   Composition on the tables and a bouquet can be collected from delicate flowers: fragrant pion-like roses, sunflowers and a garden flowers, like a dahlias, asters, ears and dried flowers, succulents, rowan berries and hypericum. Necessarily with seasonal flowers - they have a special coloring. Unconditional trend - the use of a bunch of cereals and ordinary autumn leaves. At the ceremony and at the entrance to the hall for a wedding dinner, you can hang wreaths woven from branches and leaves. Add cinnamon, cloves, dried citrus fruits and fruit, and the fragrance of tenderness and autumn will flow through the hall. And at the ceremony, the petals of roses can be replaced by bright autumn leaves.

   As the song says, "The most important thing is the weather in the house," and the weather on the street on the wedding day is not a problem. Even during the rain, you can shoot a very atmospheric, bright and beautiful video with bright umbrellas and in fashionable multi-colored rubber boots. There would be a desire to create and experiment!

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